Did You Know…?

How to tour D.C.:

Are you planning a trip to the District of Columbia (better know as D.C.)? Have you always wanted to tour The White House? Would you like to step foot on the floors of The Capitol?

Don’t forget to reach out to your congressman/woman for that amazing opportunity. It is something that shouldn’t be missed when you are in D.C. For someone who’s visited D.C. countless times and loves it, I had never been to either. This past August, I decided to reach out my representative, Congressman Donald Norcross, to capitalize on that opportunity. My family and I were extremely LUCKY to book a White House tour on relatively short notice and get an impromptu, personalized tour from a staffer (and not an intern) of The Capitol, all in the same day. (Side note, my mother and I were able to visit The Supreme Court the following day as well; we had a federal government building trifecta in approximately 28 hours.)

Here are a few pictures from inside both The White House and The Capitol. These do not do justice to the experience itself. Contact your congressman/woman for this one of a kind American experience. If you need assistance, let us know.

In a White House corridor

The famous Red Room in the White House

On a balcony overlooking the National Mall