Did You Know…?

Did you know that your membership is not for you, and only you, one singular person? Did you know that all the employees of a member company are able to participate?


Did you know that our member discounts apply to all the employees of a member company? Did you know that some member discounts are applicable to member companies’ employees’ family members too?


Did you know that you can extend your member rate for an event to a guest? Did you know you can sign-up your guest with your registration and get he/she the member rate too? Did you know you’ll then save that prospective member $10 and upwards? (Whether you treat him/her or he/she pays you back, it’s still a win, win.)


Did you know you can save money on events with pre-purchased event tickets? Did you know you’ll save money over all and in the long run, even though it costs more on the front end?