Did You Know…?

Your Chamber is a partner of The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia. Yes, we are, though this seems to be a little known fact and a secret of sorts. What does that mean? Throughout each calendar year, we partner sponsor some events for/with The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia to bring our members messages and resources we can not deliver on our own. Our membership has the opportunity to attend these particular events in and around Philadelphia, with us, at their member price or even complimentary sometimes.

How does this all happen? I’m glad you asked. First, we reach out to our membership to extend complimentary tickets to those we think may benefit most from a particular topic/speaker being explored. If at that time, we are unable to exhaust all our complimentary seats (It happens.), we begin sharing the invitation (via our daily emails & calendars) with you, our members. It’s a perk of your membership, and from what I’ve found over the years, a little known one at that. Once all the complimentary seats are exhausted, our members may still sign-up at the Chamber’s member price for said event and attend. We will be happy to see you there, and sometimes, like this coming Wednesday, we will be upfront as one complete sponsor table (for a change). See you in King of Prussia, this time…

ALL our great, membership organization, partners (for event collaborations):

  • Burlington County Regional Chamber of Commerce
  • Gloucester County Chamber of Commerce
  • New Jersey Business & Industry Association (for Camden County Employer Legislative Committee meetings)
  • New Jersey State Chamber of Commerce
  • Southern New Jersey Development Council
  • The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia