Did You Know…? Anniversary

March 30, 2018…wow! We are only two days shy of my one year anniversary in the position of President/CEO for the Camden County Regional Chamber of Commerce. Yes, friends, I started on April 1, 2017/April Fools Day. Was the joke on me? Maybe… It has been a SUPER fast and busy 363 days. When I look back, I’m surprised in some ways that I made it. Having done both positions of new and old for about six months and never knew whether I was coming or going some days.

I would like to thank my staff, our officers & board of directors, members, partners (new & old), and of course my friends and family for their support and encouragement during this first year. It definitely hasn’t been easy but what in life is?

We’ve welcomed new members and welcomed back some old ones. We taken chances on a few new events. Added a new partner to our family. Retained a long-time and supportive employee past her original retirement date. We’ve also added to, trained, and graduated out some of our Chamber staff family too. Attended members events too and supported them as best we can.

Looking forward to another year and what it beholds during this rebirth of Spring is a perfect anniversary. Please enjoy your families and friends this weekend during Passover and Easter celebrations. Hugs.