Did You Know…? Anniversary

March 30, 2018…wow! We are only two days shy of my one year anniversary in the position of President/CEO for the Camden County Regional Chamber of Commerce. Yes, friends, I started on April 1, 2017/April Fools Day. Was the joke on me? Maybe… It has been a SUPER fast and busy 363 days. When I look back, I’m surprised in some […]

Did You Know…?

Did you know that your membership is not for you, and only you, one singular person? Did you know that all the employees of a member company are able to participate?   Did you know that our member discounts apply to all the employees of a member company? Did you know that some member discounts are applicable […]

Did You Know…?

Your Chamber is a partner of The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia. Yes, we are, though this seems to be a little known fact and a secret of sorts. What does that mean? Throughout each calendar year, we partner sponsor some events for/with The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia to bring our members […]

Did You Know…? Sponsorship Opportunities

There are countless sponsorship opportunities as a member? And that we changed the sponsorship tiers and opportunities for 2018? And that we added some new events too? Stay tuned for an email regarding all the events and the sponsorships but here is a brief overview. Opportunities range from $70 with banner ads, to $500 as […]